Hello. My name is Jerry W. Clifton. I grew up in the village of Wren, Ohio. I moved to Casa Grande, AZ between my Jr. and Sr. year in high school. After graduation I joined the military and spent 3 years in the 101st Airborne Div. at Ft Campbell, KY. Shortly after seperation from the military I started work at International Harvester in Ft. Wayne IN. I retired from Navistar International in Springfield, OH. I started doing Intarsia (in-tar-see-uh) in 1997 as a hobby. After making a few pieces for myself, some friends asked me to make pieces for them. As my skills improved work mates began asking to commission pieces. By the time I retired in 2000 I had acquired a complete work shop and my hobby had turned into a full time job, a very enjoyable full time job. As I honed my skills I began to incorporate various wood species into my work and now I use any wood that strikes my eye. In fact very often I will come across a piece of wood that may have an unusual color or grain and I will put it aside until I find just the right project to use it. Generally pieces that I make come from a pattern of some kind, either one that I buy or one that I make. I enjoy making traditional types of intarsia such as animals or landscapes scenes, but I have been adding more modern types of work to my gallery as well. I find that opportunities are endless in that I can find or make a pattern for almost any form. I also do commissioned work subject to finding or making a satisfactory pattern. Often I am asked what is my favorite type of work or form to make. Working with so many different species of wood and incorporating them into three dimensional pieces of art is the thing I find most satisfying, so I suppose the answer is the piece I'm currently working on is my favorite.

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